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Keep the Focus on Them, Not You

There are various schools of thought when it comes to doing business, one of them is “Keep the Focus on Them, Not You”. The old, in your face, sales model no longer works. The philosophy behind “Keep the Focus on Them, Not … Continue reading

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Annoying Things Business Owners Do On Social Media

Are you on Social Media to promote your business? Then you will want to avoid these annoying things business owners do on social media. Social media is just like any other public place, a business owner is always being watched … Continue reading

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Social Media as a Bridge – from Your Business to Your Customers

Are you using Social as a bridge to communicate with your customers? Social media is not intended to be a one way communication tool, like the advertisements in a magazine, but more like a two way bridge from your business to your customers. A smart business uses social media to connect with and listen to their clients, or customers. Continue reading

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Business Social Sites: Ghost Towns or Thriving Marketplaces

Have you ever visited a business social site to find out it had not been updated in a couple of years? Ghost town business sites are those dry, dusty and deserted social pages that businesses start and then abandon. An … Continue reading

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