Keep the Focus on Them, Not You

Keep the focus on themThere are various schools of thought when it comes to doing business, one of them is “Keep the Focus on Them, Not You”. The old, in your face, sales model no longer works. The philosophy behind “Keep the Focus on Them, Not You” is about building relationships first, then making the offer. This approach to doing business has proven much more effective.

Doing business can happen both in person and on line. Knowing that the same social rules apply to both is critical for your business.

Think about this: Would you walk up to someone at a party and say, “Hi, I am Mr. Jones”, then as soon as the other person introduces themselves, launch into a product or service sales pitch? Most people would be appalled if you did.

Have you ever met someone that, as soon as you were introduced, launched into a lengthy dialogue all about them, their goals and dreams, their shortcomings, illnesses, how great they are? I am sure you have and your reaction was probably to get away from that person as quickly as possible, avoiding them as often as possible in the future.

Both of these examples of behavior are no more acceptable to potential clients on social media or in an email than they would be at a holiday party.

The savvy business owner knows that making a connection with a potential client or customer comes first, both on line and in person.

Four Tips for Focusing on Them:

  • Whether on social media or in your emailing efforts, make sure what you are talking about is of value to your clients. Ask yourself if what you are sharing is of value to the client or customer?
  • When sharing about you as an example is great for connection, just make sure it is only part of the whole, otherwise the information becomes “all about you”.
  • When sharing behind the scenes photos or information, keep in mind the viewer is doing business with you.
  • Consider whether sharing this information will give your clients and customers more or less confidence in your ability to serve them?

Some Obvious “It’s all about Me” examples:

  • Message on Facebook from someone, whom you just met, about their essential oils, or beauty product, or other MLM business.
  • Email from a business coach with a video taken in her master bathroom (her favorite place) and a drawing on the mirror for building a business.
  • Email from a business coach showing a picture of all her office clutter while wearing a handkerchief on her head. The whole email was about her getting organized.
  • Every post on a business page is advertising their product or service.

For some people, putting everything out front for their clients and customers to see, works; and for others, it has had far from positive results. Everyone must choose for themselves how much and when to share behind the scenes content.

When you keep the Focus on Them, Not You, there is more opportunity to connect, making friends and gaining clients or customers.

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