Tips for Editing Posts and Sharing on Facebook

Are you looking for “how to” tips for editing posts and sharing on Facebook? We have both basic and advanced tips to share with you. Whether you are new to social media or have been on it for a while, there are always things to learn and changes to make navigating social sites more challenging.

Being on social media is similar to learning to drive a car. There is the dashboard, various knobs and dials (for social media that would be symbols and buttons) and learning their purpose and how they function is key to successful navigation.

Learn about:

  • Why you need a business page
  • Privacy Settings and post visibility
  • Using hashtags
  • How to edit a post
  • How to delet a post
  • Scheduling a post on a business page
  • Sharing a post from a page/to a page

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Holiday Sales and Marketing Avalanche Survival Tips

Gifts, sales and marketing.How can you be prepared for the holiday sales and marketing avalanche? We have some survival tips to help you. Every year the avalanche starts earlier. Most business owners have been busy the last few months getting their special offers finalized and scheduled to go out to their customers and clients.

Every year the amount of Holiday Sales and Marketing increases by an unimaginable amount. Bins of flyers are stuffed into mailboxes, billions of emails hit inboxes, millions of dollars are spent on TV and social media ads. With this deluge comes consumer overwhelm, frustration and for some, disgust at the commercialism.

Everyone is bombarded with special offers from:

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How to Turn Around a Zero ROI Business

Do you know how to turn around a zero ROI business? The magic wand for business growth might work, however, for most business owners with a zero ROI, a lot of “magic” happens when time and effort are put into making their dream come true.

First, how did they become a zero ROI business?

For most businesses there is a simple formula they used to create a zero ROI for their business.

Do you have a business currently using this formula? The good news, there are solutions.

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10 Ways to Successfully Communicate with Your Virtual Assistant

communicating, virtual assisting, email, Think back to when you first hired your virtual assistant – you likely started out successfully communicating with each other, right? In the beginning, or the “honeymoon period”, communication with the new virtual assistant (“VA”) was great.  But now things aren’t going so well. And now you are wondering, “Where did things go wrong?”

The most successful client and VA relationships are based on the concept that the VA is partnering with you, the client, to increase and grow your business. The focus is on working together as a team for the best possible outcomes for both of you. The savvy client asks their VA for their input and respects their expertise in the areas where they excel. And often times, a seasoned VA will be able to help their client spot potential missteps coming down the pike based on their experience with other clients.

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Social Media Is Like A Ballet Performance

Ballerinas dancingDo you wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a ballet? Have you considered that Social Media is like a ballet performance?

Recently I went to see the Nutcracker Ballet with my daughter and I was very impressed by the performance, the skill of the dancers, the attention to detail. Most important of all, the organization and dedication that went into putting on each performance. I have a deep appreciation for the effort that goes into putting on any type of performance. I have some insight into the massive amount of organizing and choreography that goes on behind the scenes to give an exceptional performance, this ballet performance was stellar.

After the performance I started thinking about the parallels between a ballet performance and social media management. The level of organization, expertise, dedication and training that goes into social media to keep consistent quality content posted to a business’s social sites is very similar to that of putting on a ballet performance.

Social media management is like a ballet performance in a variety of ways. When I think of the putting on a ballet performance, there are always some key elements that come to mind. Continue reading

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Keep the Focus on Them, Not You

Keep the focus on themThere are various schools of thought when it comes to doing business, one of them is “Keep the Focus on Them, Not You”. The old, in your face, sales model no longer works. The philosophy behind “Keep the Focus on Them, Not You” is about building relationships first, then making the offer. This approach to doing business has proven much more effective.

Doing business can happen both in person and on line. Knowing that the same social rules apply to both is critical for your business.

Think about this: Would you walk up to someone at a party and say, “Hi, I am Mr. Jones”, then as soon as the other person introduces themselves, launch into a product or service sales pitch? Most people would be appalled if you did.

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5 Signs That Disorganization Is Affecting Your Businesses Bottom Line

Money flying As a business owner, are you seeing these 5 Signs That Disorganization Is Affecting Your Businesses Bottom Line? Did you know there is a direct relationship between your bottom line and your ability to manage your day to day business tasks?

Think about the customer’s experience from their perspective when they do business with you. Then consider the people you do business with and how organized or disorganized their businesses are.

Have you done business with people who:

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Annoying Things Business Owners Do On Social Media

social-influenceAre you on Social Media to promote your business? Then you will want to avoid these annoying things business owners do on social media. Social media is just like any other public place, a business owner is always being watched and people are forming opinions. Consider what your customers and clients dislike in face to face interactions, most of those will hold true on social media.

If you want to increase your following on social media there are some things to avoid. Experienced social media managers avoid these things and advise their clients to not participate in them. They know how damaging these can be to your online business reputation. Once someone stops liking or following you on social media, it is doubtful they will be using your business services.

What is a client or customer worth to you this year? For the next 5 years? What will it cost you when you participate in some of these annoying behaviors on social media? Thinking through what you are sharing or posting before hitting the share button could make a difference in your bottom line.

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Social Media as a Bridge – from Your Business to Your Customers

Image of bridge over waterAre you using Social as a bridge to communicate with your customers? Social media is not intended to be a one way communication tool, like the advertisements in a magazine, but more like a two way bridge from your business to your customers. A smart business uses social media to connect with and listen to their clients, or customers.

When a business is only focused on advertising and selling on their social media, the opportunities for that business are decreased and reflected in the customer’s lack of interaction with the business on their social sites. On the other hand, when a business engages in providing things their customers want, asking for their client’s opinions, they get much more engagement. Customers want to be heard and they want their opinions valued.

Businesses that don’t change with the times or listen to their customers end up going out of business as their customer population decreases. Different age groups prefer different methods of communication. Offering a variety of ways to communicate with your business is essential, especially when you want to reach the under thirty-five age groups. For instance, Millennials prefer texting or messaging over using the phone or email. Seniors prefer picking up the phone. Bridging the gaps in your business communication lines can make a difference in customer satisfaction and continuing to attract more customers.

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DIY Email Newsletters Gone Wrong!

DIY NL gone wrongHave you received emails that were obviously a DIY Email Newsletter Gone Wrong? What did you think when you opened the email? Recently I received a DIY Email Newsletter Gone Wrong. This email was from a business owner that I had not heard from in a while. Out of curiosity, I opened the email and was dismayed by what I saw. To protect the sender I have recreated a similar email using my own email program. The original email had a video in place of the picture, otherwise they are very similar. This is a great example of what not to do when sending an email newsletter. What impression do you think this left on the recipients of such an email?

Have you ever decided to do something yourself so you could save money? Did you think it was going to be easy to do and the project went really wrong? Maybe you decided to repair a leak in the bathroom or to build your own website. Sometimes DIY projects end up costing you more time and money than if you had hired a professional. Plus, DIY when it comes to business, can potentially cause even more damage to the business before the professional is called in.

DIY email newsletters all have a few of these things in common: Continue reading

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