Time Management

Time Management Techniques

Re-do buttonSave time using proven time management techniques. Time does not have a “do-over” switch and we cannot get time “back”. How are you using your time?

The first step to good time management techniques is to take a look at where we are spending our time and where we can use time more wisely, or “save time”.

Time is a way we measure our days. How would we arrange to eat out with a friend if we did not use some sort of time measurement? Time is also something that we use to measure getting tasks completed.

Appointments are time specific, while tasks are time flexible. Our tasks and goals can be time specific or non-time specific. The more time specific we can be on a goal, the more likely it is to be completed. Using superior time management techniques can save you time and money.

“Someday” is not time specific and something we want to do “Someday” will probably not happen unless we set a date for doing the task or for the event to happen.

If we want to save time, we need to look at what we are doing that is not necessary to what is important in our lives. Focusing on what is important in our lives helps us keep on track with achieving the lives we want to live.

TrackingSome people have time perception problems and will easily lose track of what time it is. Think about something we do most days, like being at work by 8 am. Then think about each task we do to get ready for work and how long each task takes to do. Do you know how long it takes to do each of the tasks necessary to to get ready for work? Use the Determining the amount of time to allow for a task or event questions to figure out how long you will need to prepare for an event. If you are a person who has time perception problems and is chronically late, check out the “Cure for Being Late”.

Are we doing things the “hard way” because that’s the way it’s “always” been done? Do you have Time Management Obstacles? Using time management techniques will assist us to use time wisely so that we can achieve the lives we want to live, instead of being slaves to stress.

Check out some of the time saving shortcuts that organized people use to keep organized.

Want more information about Time Management techniques? Need help applying the practical advice? Contact Susan Mayfield for a consultation today!

Time Saving Shortcuts:

  • Look for easier ways of doing things, especially for routine tasks
  • Group similar tasks and activities together and do them at the same time
  • Filing: Keep a “To File” folder and file regularly, it takes less time than filing “1” sheet at a time
  • Plan your errands to save time and gasÖ
  • Bundle errands that are in the same general area
  • Delegate whenever possible
  • Small increments of time used wisely on a large task can accomplish big things
  • Be sure to leave blocks of time for relaxation and “unscheduled” activities

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