Social Media Is Like A Ballet Performance

Ballerinas dancingDo you wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a ballet? Have you considered that Social Media is like a ballet performance?

Recently I went to see the Nutcracker Ballet with my daughter and I was very impressed by the performance, the skill of the dancers, the attention to detail. Most important of all, the organization and dedication that went into putting on each performance. I have a deep appreciation for the effort that goes into putting on any type of performance. I have some insight into the massive amount of organizing and choreography that goes on behind the scenes to give an exceptional performance, this ballet performance was stellar.

After the performance I started thinking about the parallels between a ballet performance and social media management. The level of organization, expertise, dedication and training that goes into social media to keep consistent quality content posted to a business’s social sites is very similar to that of putting on a ballet performance.

Social media management is like a ballet performance in a variety of ways. When I think of the putting on a ballet performance, there are always some key elements that come to mind.

9 key elements of a Ballet Performance:

  1. Plenty of behind the scenes organizing, planning and work is done prior to the performance
  2. Several people are involved in each performance
  3. People are carefully chosen for their skill and expertise
  4. Background and props are chosen to enhance the story
  5. Practicing and adjusting is done to get the key elements just right before going public
  6. Timing is a key element in every performance and carefully planned
  7. The performers play to the audience
  8. Participation by the performers and the audience makes for a better experience
  9. People come back for more when they have a good experience

When I think of the managing social media each week, there are always some things key items that come to mind.

9 key elements of Social Media Management:

  1. Organizing, planning and scheduling is done behind the scenes
  2. The business and the social media manager work together
  3. Social media managers are chosen because of their skills and expertise
  4. Images are chosen with the audience and the brand in mind
  5. Posting and images are adjusted to make the most impact
  6. Timing of posts and tweets is a key element and carefully planned
  7. The posts and tweets are created with the audience in mind
  8. Participation by the business and the audience makes a better experience
  9. An active and interesting social media site keeps people engaged

There are a lot of similarities in the key elements between social media management and a ballet performance. If any of the key elements are missing in either case, the results would be similar.

Can you imagine a ballet where there is no planning or choreography, where every person went onto the stage and did what they felt like doing that day? There would be a lot of twirling and fancy costumes but it wouldn’t make much sense to the audience. A confused and disappointed audience would leave and they would be unlikely to return for another performance.

Now imagine if this was done on social media. Wait! You don’t have to imagine it! I am sure you have watched businesses doing this same thing, posting with no planning and when they felt like it on their social sites. I am sure that you notice when a business puts zero time into planning posts or event promotion. If the business only spends time posting what they “feel like posting” that day or not posting for days/weeks at a time, you will notice this when you visit their sites. How about the business that posts only about THEIR business or they post the same thing every week? The results in all these cases, would be much the same, a confused and disappointed audience.

Social media managers can use the key elements of putting on a ballet performance to help improve their social media strategies.

5 Key Strategies for Social Media Management:

  1. Review the key elements of your social media management.
  2. Find areas that need improvement, then put a plan in place to improve those areas.
  3. Always keep the audience in mind when creating posts and choosing images.
  4. Test and make improvements as you go.
  5. Engage with your audience.

Are some of the key elements and strategies missing from your social media management efforts?

BallerinaEvery aspect of putting on a ballet performance takes time, effort and dedication. Having a consistent and engaging presence on social media takes time, effort and dedication too.

If the social media management is going well for your business, congratulations. However, if you are like many other business owners and the social media aspect of your business needs some improvement, then you have some decisions to make. Not everyone wants to put the time and effort into managing their businesses social media or have the skill sets necessary. Finding people that are skilled to partner with you and your business would be the first step into having an active and engaging social media presence for your business.

Want to find out more about how we partner with you to have a consistent and engaging presence on social media? Check it out here.

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