5 Signs That Disorganization Is Affecting Your Businesses Bottom Line

Money flying As a business owner, are you seeing these 5 Signs That Disorganization Is Affecting Your Businesses Bottom Line? Did you know there is a direct relationship between your bottom line and your ability to manage your day to day business tasks?

Think about the customer’s experience from their perspective when they do business with you. Then consider the people you do business with and how organized or disorganized their businesses are.

Have you done business with people who:

  • Forget meetings or reschedule meetings at the last minute due to poor time management?
  • Procrastinate until the last minute in order to pull an event together, causing stress for everyone involved?
  • Don’t track invoices and payments?
  • Miss deadlines to provide needed information for tasks?
  • Lose payments or pay late because they don’t have a system for handling payments?

We have all experienced these things that disorganized people and businesses do and been affected by them.

Signs Being Disorganized Is Affecting Your Businesses Bottom Line:

Sign Number 1: Money isn’t flowing into your business steadily

  • You forget to invoice clients when a job is completed.
  • Don’t know how much your clients owe you each month.
  • You often work several hours over client retainers.
  • No follow-up system for clients who owe outstanding balances.

Sign Number 2: Deadlines are frequently missed or pushed back for client tasks

  • Clients are unhappy at your delays and are losing money because of them.
  • No system is in place for tracking client tasks and deadlines.
  • Clients often ask for discounts or refunds because of missed deadlines.
  • You get multiple emails or phone calls per day about missed deadlines.

Sign Number 3: Communications are missed or not answered for days

  • You receive angry phone calls or emails from clients asking why you haven’t responded to their communications.
  • Potential clients tell you they found someone else because they didn’t hear back from you.
  • Current clients tell you they went to someone else because they didn’t hear back from you.
  • Costly mistakes are made because communications from clients weren’t read and implemented.

Sign Number 4: Clients are complaining about your disorganization and not referring people

  • There are very few referrals or none at all from your clients.
  • Negative reviews and comments are made on social media about your business.
  • You are hearing from other people that clients aren’t happy with you or your business.

Sign Number 5: Your business has an unusually high client turnover rate for the industry

  • You are constantly trying to replace clients that have left.
  • It is harder and harder to replace the clients that leave.
  • You do not have a system in place to onboard or maintain your clients.

Now for the good news – if you answered yes to any of these 5 signs then you have taken the first step in changing this – Awareness! Once you are aware of a problem then you can come up with a plan to make positive changes.

The second step is Acceptance: So, how many of the signs listed above are a part of your own business practices and how much money is it costing you each month, each year? Knowing where you are at on any of these signs of disorganization is a key pivoting point for you and your business to improve you’re your financial outlook.

The third step is Action: Not everyone is good with every task and that’s why a smart business owner gets help for those areas they don’t excel in, so they can shine in the areas they do excel. The cost of hiring someone to take care of the details is far less than having unhappy clients, losing clients and the lost revenue from both. Think of the bottom line and what your business needs to thrive.

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