Annoying Things Business Owners Do On Social Media

social-influenceAre you on Social Media to promote your business? Then you will want to avoid these annoying things business owners do on social media. Social media is just like any other public place, a business owner is always being watched and people are forming opinions. Consider what your customers and clients dislike in face to face interactions, most of those will hold true on social media.

If you want to increase your following on social media there are some things to avoid. Experienced social media managers avoid these things and advise their clients to not participate in them. They know how damaging these can be to your online business reputation. Once someone stops liking or following you on social media, it is doubtful they will be using your business services.

What is a client or customer worth to you this year? For the next 5 years? What will it cost you when you participate in some of these annoying behaviors on social media? Thinking through what you are sharing or posting before hitting the share button could make a difference in your bottom line.

Recently some people once again posted the Facebook privacy hoax copy/paste item on Facebook. When told that it was a hoax and not true, they told me: “it can’t hurt” or “what does it matter if it’s not true”. That told me a great deal about their personal disregard for the truth and basic understanding about the harm that can be done in spreading false information. If your business has ever been at the receiving end of someone starting and spreading false information, you know how devastating this can be. Would I do business with these people after these responses? The answer is a resounding NO.

There are several things you can do right on social media and one is to be courteous in your responses. Check things out before sharing them to see if they are true. Taking a few extra minutes to do some fact checking might save you from hours of having to undo the damage.

If you find you have accidentally posted something that is not true, apologize and then DELETE the post so it doesn’t spread. Commenting in the stream that it’s a hoax doesn’t work, most people won’t read the comments, only share and spread the hoax further.

When you are posting, liking and commenting on social media, think about whether this action will have a positive or negative impact on your business.

Wondering what some of the annoying things might be? This list of “15 Random Things NOT to Do on Social Media” from Social Media today is a great place to start.

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  1. This is wonderful advice, Susan! Online hoaxes are so pervasive, and so damaging. thanks for fighting the good fight!

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