Social Media as a Bridge – from Your Business to Your Customers

Image of bridge over waterAre you using Social as a bridge to communicate with your customers? Social media is not intended to be a one way communication tool, like the advertisements in a magazine, but more like a two way bridge from your business to your customers. A smart business uses social media to connect with and listen to their clients, or customers.

When a business is only focused on advertising and selling on their social media, the opportunities for that business are decreased and reflected in the customer’s lack of interaction with the business on their social sites. On the other hand, when a business engages in providing things their customers want, asking for their client’s opinions, they get much more engagement. Customers want to be heard and they want their opinions valued.

Businesses that don’t change with the times or listen to their customers end up going out of business as their customer population decreases. Different age groups prefer different methods of communication. Offering a variety of ways to communicate with your business is essential, especially when you want to reach the under thirty-five age groups. For instance, Millennials prefer texting or messaging over using the phone or email. Seniors prefer picking up the phone. Bridging the gaps in your business communication lines can make a difference in customer satisfaction and continuing to attract more customers.

Bridging the gap with social media provides many benefits for the business as well as the clients or customers.

What can businesses gain by using social media as a bridge to their clients?

~ Insights into what the customers or clients really want

~ Quickly spot changes and trends in the marketplace

~ Open communication with the customer for better customer service

~ Quicker response time to customer needs and issues

~ Happy customers or clients will equal increased revenue and referrals

What if your business isn’t on social media?

~ Your customers and clients ARE on social media and may be talking about your business

~ You won’t know what clients and customers are saying about your business

~ You won’t be able to respond on social media to their comments – positive or negative

~ Others with similar businesses are on social media and using it to connect with your current clients and customers

We often tell our clients that being on social media is like going to a very large cocktail party where people are there for a variety of reasons. Savvy business owners know how to leverage opportunities. When businesses remember this and use a more social approach to their offerings they can reach their ideal clients. If you are a business owner and not a social person, hire someone who can and will be able to manage your social sites.

How can your business use social media as a bridge to your customers?

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