What Are You in The Habit of NOT Doing?

HabitMost of the information written about habits when it comes to business is written about forming positive habits. This leaves an important part of business habits that are rarely talked about. That area is the area of what you are in the habit of NOT doing for your business. That’s right, I did say “habit” in reference to something that you aren’t doing regularly for your business. You probably spend a lot of time talking about what you are doing or going to do for your business, but it is those things that you do NOT do habitually that can make the difference between succeeding or failing both with your business and with life in general.

Being consistent with something is usually thought to be a good thing, but in the case of being consistent with NOT doing something for your business, it can be destructive.

A great example of a habit of NOT doing things for your business is NOT keeping fresh content on your website, blog and social sites.  Every day I come across social sites, blogs, and websites that haven’t had new content added in weeks, months and in some cases it’s been years!

Which leaves me wondering if the business is:

  • Still in operation?
  • Outdated and behind on current trends?
  • Able to handle my requests quickly?
  • Disorganized or inconsistent?
  • So busy they can’t update these items, and if so, will they be too busy to serve my needs?

When it comes to your business, you know you want prospective clients asking positive questions about your business rather than any one of these negative questions when they visit your social sites or websites. If you said “NO” to wanting your potential clients or customers asking these questions, read on…

What is the solution to take care of the things you are NOT in the habit of doing in your business?

  • Determine what you are currently doing for your business, then list what tasks you are NOT currently doing that need to be done.
  • List which items can be delegated to a virtual assistant.
  • Get in the habit of delegating the “NOT” done tasks.

Turn the negative into a positive.  To change what you are in the habit of NOT doing, if you do NOT have time to get the tasks done, then find someone else who can take on those crucial tasks and turn them into Getting Done tasks.

DoneSuccessful people know when and what to delegate, that is how they got from where they were to where they are now. They understand the purpose and value of hiring people to take care of the NOT done list.

The cost of the tasks being done by a virtual assistant are usually far less than the cost to your business when those crucial tasks are left NOT done.

Want to take the “NOT Getting Done” list and turn it into your “Getting Done” List? Find out how at  Reduce the Chaos

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