Holiday Sales and Marketing Avalanche Survival Tips

Gifts, sales and marketing.How can you be prepared for the holiday sales and marketing avalanche? We have some survival tips to help you. Every year the avalanche starts earlier. Most business owners have been busy the last few months getting their special offers finalized and scheduled to go out to their customers and clients.

Every year the amount of Holiday Sales and Marketing increases by an unimaginable amount. Bins of flyers are stuffed into mailboxes, billions of emails hit inboxes, millions of dollars are spent on TV and social media ads. With this deluge comes consumer overwhelm, frustration and for some, disgust at the commercialism.

Everyone is bombarded with special offers from:

  • Print marketing in the form of mailers and sales inserts filling the mailboxes
  • Radio and TV Commercials
  • Email marketing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday flooding inboxes
  • Social Media Posts, Ads and Videos on every social site

How can you survive all of that special offer overload and still manage to take advantage of the offers that make sense for you? Don’t give up, there is hope for getting through the holidays using a few survival tips. We have put together some of our favorites for dealing with paper, email and social media holiday avalanches.

Sales and Marketing Avalanche Survival Tips:

Print Offers:

  • Toss immediately into the trash any print offers from businesses you know you won’t buy from
  • Limit the amount of time you spend looking at the print offers
  • Only save the offers you are going to act on and save in a Holiday Offer file folder.

Radio and Television Commercials:

  • Radio: Listen to a playlist instead of radio stations to avoid the commercials
  • TV: Leave the room and do a chore while the commercials are running, watch a lot less TV, watch DVD’s instead or watch programs without commercials

Email offers:

  • Be selective about the emails you open
  • Delete the offers from your inbox immediately that you aren’t interested in
  • Bonus Tip: create a “Holiday Offers” email folder and move the offers you are intersted into the folder.

Getting too many email offers from a business?

  • Let them know they are sending too many emails.
  • Unsubscribe for the season, make a note and subscribe again after the holidays, if you still want to get their emails.
  • Unsubscribe from the emails, if that’s an option. If unsubscribing isn’t an option, mark the email as Spam (be aware that once you do this you won’t get emails from this business again)

Social Media Posts, Ads, Videos:

Some advice – Ignore them. That’s right, if you click on the ad or watch the video you are expressing interest in this service or product. This means you will see more of these types of product and service ads.

Sponsored Ads on Facebook in your newsfeed:  if they don’t pertain to you and your interests, you can hide the ad and choose to see fewer of those ads. Why take time to do this? It lets Facebook know you aren’t interested in this product and saves the advertiser from wasting their money advertising to you.

For example: if you like pets and don’t have one, but you keep seeing pet product ads in your Facebook newsfeed, you can use the following instructions to decrease the amount of pet product ads taking up space in your newsfeed.

Instructions on how to hide a sponsored ad on Facebook:

While logged into Facebook, choose the ad that you don’t want to see in your newsfeed

Step #1: click on the three dots on the upper right of the newsfeed ad

Step #2: Click on “Hide Ad”


The “Help Us Understand What’s Happening” screen will pop up

Step #1: Click on the circle next to the best choice for you. We suggest the “It’s not relevant to me” circle

Step #2: click on “Continue” to go to the last screen


The final screen will appear (unless you chose “I keep seeing this” or “It’s misleading, offensive or inappropriate: in that case you will get other options to choose from, just follow the instructions on the screens.

To complete be sure to click the “Done” button.

Survival Tips 5 Step Action Plan:

Step 1: Know that the holidays are a prime time for businesses to bring in revenue and can’t stop the avalanche but you CAN reduce it.

Step 2: Make time in your daily schedule to handle the avalanche before you are become buried under it.

Step 3: Toss immediately any paper flyers you don’t need before they become a mountain of paper on the table.

Step 4: Delete any email offers that you aren’t interested in reviewing immediately. Set up an email folder to move the special offers to, then you can review at a later time to keep the email inbox clutter free. (Don’t forget to go back and review the special offer email folder and clean it out once the offers have expired)

Step 5: Unsubscribe from spammy marketers and from email lists you no longer want to be on.

We hope you find these survival tips helpful. The intent is that they will help reduce some of the stress and overwhelm of the holiday season.

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