The Paper Shuffle Dance

Dance step mapAre you doing the Paper Shuffle Dance and Feeling Frustrated?

This dance has a variety of different shuffling steps, depending on the dancer’s style.  The steps may look different, but the end result is the same. All these shuffling steps end in paper clutter with many wasted hours and lots of frustration.

Are your familiar with any of these paper shuffling techniques?

Paper Shuffle Dance Steps:

  • Sorting a large stack of paper by making several smaller stacks of paper
  • Sorting through a large stack of paper every time you need a document
  • Moving a stack of papers from one physical place to another
  • Rearranging the order of the large stack of papers
  • Hiding or boxing up the paper stacks so it is “out of sight”

If you know any of these paper shuffle dance steps and would like to stop the dance, we have some solutions for you. We are going to show you some new dance steps that you can take that will have you feeling lighter and save you hours of time every year.

Like anything else, how you deal with your papers has become a habit and habits can be changed. Are you ready to stop the paper shuffle dance?

Steps to End the Paper Shuffle Dance:

The first step to stop the dance is to decide that you are going to make changes starting NOW!  Not tomorrow, not next week or next month. Start reducing your paper chaos today!

The second step is to set up a paper handling system that is easy to use and easy to maintain.  To start your paper hadling system, start with your current papers and follow the simple instructions in our article:  Piles of Paper – What to do with them!

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