Pardon Me, Your Age is Showing on Facebook!

Happy Birthday CardIs your age showing on Facebook?  

If you don’t know, you will want to check right away.  Having your full birthday accessible to everyone leaves you vulnerable to identity theft.

Is your age/birth year showing on your birthday notification or to the general public on your Facebook? Have you noticed that some people have their age in brackets and some don’t when you see the Facebook notice that it’s their birthday?  If you are wondering how to change this –  here is a quick step by step guide.

You can change your birthday on Facebook if you entered the wrong date or year or for any other reason, by following these quick steps:

1. Log into you Facebook account

2. On the dark blue bar at the top (known as the Facebook dashboard), click on your name to get to your profile page.

Facebook Birthday Screen Shot

Facebook Birthday Screen Shot

3. Click on the word “About” (under your profile picture) and scroll down

4. In the “Basic Info” section, click “Edit”

5. Change your birthday, or the settings:

These are the 3 setting choices:
A: Show my full birthday on my timeline
B: Show only month & day on my timeline
C: Don’t show my birthday on my timeline

Setting Choices for Birthdate

Setting Choices for Birthdate



  • Choice “A” shows anyone your full birthday, including the year. This is not a good idea because of identity theft! (Not to mention you can’t lie about your age or everyone will know on Facebook)
  • Choice “B” lets people know it’s your birthday so they can send you birthday greetings without the risk of identity theft – or everyone knowing your age… 😉
  • Choice “C” for those who don’t want birthday greetings and prefer to forget that they have a birthday. 

Above choices are up to you!

You can also change or update any other information you want to in this section before you save changes.

NOTE:   Be sure to scroll down the page and click Save.

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