The High Cost of Being Disorganized

Dollar SignHere is a good example of how a person’s disorganization can have financial, time and stress costs for themselves and those around them.

A person was going out of town for several days and had hired a house sitter to watch their home and animals. They forgot to leave the key for the house sitter! Fortunately someone had a spare key for the home in case of emergencies. The homeowner called both the key holder and the house sitter with contact information. This entailed the house sitter and the person with the emergency key having to meet up, taking time out of their schedules to hand off the key.

Much to the house sitters dismay, while at the home to hand off the key, the utility company arrived to turn off the power due to an unpaid bill. Fortunately the holder of the emergency key was able to pay the bill. Had the utility company turned off the power to the house the sitter would have been in the dark and all the food in the refrigerator would have been spoiled, not to mention the poor animals if the sitter had been unable to get into the home because of the forgotten key.

Had the homeowner not forgotten to pay the bill and then also forgotten to leave the key, the emergency key holder would not have been there to write a check for the utility company. Wonder if the disorganization was part of a divine plan, or if two organizing wrongs make a right?

How much is being disorganized costing you?

(Note: Client confidentiality is always honored and this story does not represent any Reduce the Chaos clients, it is a composite of several similar incidents encountered over the years.)

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