Multifamily Living in a Single Family Home

Multifamily Living in a Single Family Home

Are you trying to live with multiple families in a single family home,    or are you thinking about doing it?

Multifamily living is on the rise. There are several positive benefits for everyone in multifamily living in a single family home, but there are also some pitfalls to avoid.

Since 2008 the number of multifamily living situations has increased by 12%Bulging house according to the US Census Bureau.  In 2011 more families are living in single family homes with multiple generations than at any other time since the great depression.  No longer is it just college students and young 20’s singles who are living like this, but families with children.

Making multifamily living into a positive experience for all involved takes great communications skills and a lot of excellent organization. Like any major life change it will take time for things to get worked out and people to settle into new routines.

Positives of Multifamily Living:

  • Getting to spend more time with those you love.
  • Grandchildren can benefit from learning the family history and customs from the grandparents.
  • Childcare can be done by family.
  • Seniors can stay in their home longer with closer supervision of their daily needs.
  • There are more people to help out with all of the household chores.
  • Built in house and pet sitters when taking a vacation.
  • Financial benefits of sharing the utility and general household costs.
  • Sharing of the family resources and talents.

Negatives of Multifamily Living:

  • More clutter and chaos created by fitting more people and their things into a space.
  • Less personal alone time, and individual privacy can be almost non-existent.
  • Giving up personal routines and spaces to accommodate more people.
  • Having to make the home kid/pet friendly
  • Increased noise and activity in the home.
  • Disagreements about money, children, who, when, what and where.

Large Family photoTo avoid the negatives and reduce the stress and chaos of living multifamily in a single family home the key is to have open and frank communications with everyone involved.  Many have regular family meetings to work out any issues before they get out of hand. Communication is the key to keeping harmony in the home.

For more information on multifamily living communication and organizing:

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