The Opportunities in Life Challenges

Life challenges happen. Some things are just out of our control. When the challenges do happen, we have choices to make. Do we look for the opportunities during the challenges, or do we let fear and anxiety paralyze us?

The choice of how we deal with any of life’s challenges is up to us. If you are a business owner, you know that there are always things you want to get accomplished, but often run out of time to do them. How many things are on your task list for “someday”?

Well, today is that “someday”.

Instead of “reacting” let’s take some positive “action”.

Since you are out of your “normal” routine because of a life challenge, how can you use this time to be productive and move your business forward? What are the opportunities to accomplish something positive during this time?

Here are some suggestions for focusing your time an energy into using the challenges as opportunities:

  1. Make changes in your routine that benefit you and your business
  2. Incorporate some self-care into your time
  3. Reach out and seek a few trusted people to talk to who will be encouraging and supportive
  4. Plan and Implement steps to keep your business alive through the challenges
  5. Make a list of the “pending” and “someday” tasks you could be working on right now

Refocusing your energies when you may be feeling uncertainty, anxiety and fear, isn’t always easy. The choice is up to you.

Not sure what you could be doing with this time?  

We have some suggestions that might trigger some ideas to help you get started.

10 Ideas for things you could be doing for your business:

  1. Update your business website, your blog and your social media
  2. Write blog posts to use when things get back to “normal”
  3. Set up some email newsletters
  4. Create new social media images and marketing promotional posts
  5. Plan out a new product or service to offer
  6. Create a new program or training for clients
  7. Research some ideas for future articles or programs
  8. Learn something new or update skills by watching training videos
  9. De-clutter your business: Organize your office, clean up the files on your computer
  10. Create some new streamlined systems for dealing with routine tasks
  11. Write an eBook or a book
  12. Read business books for growth and inspiration

Focusing your energy on positive steps will make a difference while the challenges are happening around you. When things get better, you will be several steps ahead of those who wasted their opportunities during the challenges.

What are you doing today with your opportunities?

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