Are Dirty Laundry Piles Ruining Your Weekends?

If you are overwhelmed with the laundry chores and tired of spending your leisure time washing, drying and folding, then this is for you!  Get your laundry organized and keep it organized with these simple tips!

First things first… Dealing with dirty laundry can be simplified. The place to begin is to take a look at your current system for handling the laundry. Is your laundry system working or not working for you? If you never seem to have clean clothes when you need them or have piles of dirty clothes laying around, then you will want to continue reading.


Some important questions to consider:

  • Are there piles of dirty clothes on the bedroom floors and laundry room?
  • Do the clean clothes end up in piles on the couch or do clean clothes get put away?
  • How often do you run out of clean clothes to wear in-between washings?
  • How many people are in the household?
  • Who does the laundry?
  • Do you have laundry baskets or hampers?
  • Are the baskets or hampers located in a convenient place?
  • Do you do the laundry at home or at a laundromat?

After answering the above questions you might have some ideas of the changes you could make that would improve your laundry system and could save you a lot of time and effort. Continue reading for some great solutions and tips to make doing the laundry easier.

Solutions and Tips:

  1. Locate hampers and baskets where dirty clothes are removed.
  2. Have laundry bags, hampers or baskets for all members of the family.
  3. Get everyone, even the children, involved and teach them to do the laundry.
  4. Do the laundry frequently enough to keep from running out of clothes/towels, etc.
  5. Hang and fold clean laundry as soon as it is dry.
  6. Put clean laundry where it belongs right away.
  7. Sort dirty clothes into wash types as they are taken off.  Have separate bags, baskets, hampers, or a tri-sort system. Some of the types of sort categories could be: delicates, whites, dark/multi-colored, linens. Choose the categories and recepticals that work best for you and your family.
  8. Share the laundry duties with others in the family, especially older children who will need to know how to do laundry when they go away to college or have a home of their own.
  9. Whether you wash weekly or bi-weekly, every member of the family should have enough socks, underwear, and other clothing to have clean clothes until the next wash day.

Super Tip: If you need to do laundry during the middle of the week to keep up with the volume of dirty clothes, put the laundry on to wash before starting to prepare dinner. Then after dinner you can put the washed clothing into the dryer and the clothes will be dry before bedtime.

Whether you are doing laundry for one or ten people, having a system in place and the right tools for the task will make life easier.  These are just a few of the suggestions that clients of Reduce the Chaos get when we do phone or in home consultations.  We are here to assist you with your organizing needs! To reach us by phone call 916-534-2048 or email  Get started today!

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3 Responses to Are Dirty Laundry Piles Ruining Your Weekends?

  1. Nowelle says:

    Hi Susan. I met you today at the meeting. I wanted to check out your website. Nice place! I like your blog. I had this very idea for a blog because I also like to organize though I’m learning that I need to stick to just a couple of websites or ideas as opposed to every idea that comes through my head.

    I like this blog entry. I thought I was the only one with a tri-basket system! I have pants, darks, lights, and whites so actually I have four baskets. It works great and in the long run, saves me time at the laundry mat. I also think that unrolling one’s clothes before putting them in the hamper is another good idea because this will save time in the long run too. I can’t imagine being a mother of children and wife to husband when people don’t unroll their clothes! Yikes. I like that you mentioned teaching the kids responsbility. If/when I have kids, I will definitley set up some type of laundry system for them to follow.

  2. Jodi Riolo says:

    Back in the day, when I was a single mom with two sons, there was dirty laundry galore. My oldest at the time (who was 12) decided he wanted to look like Don Johnson from Miami Vice and get a WHITE jacket. Fortunately it was machine washable, or at least we made it that way. This is when I decided it was time he learned to do his own laundry! What a help that was and a timesaver for me too. BTW, when his younger brother turned 12, I decided he was old enough to do his own laundry to, oh happy day!

    • susan says:

      Jodi – Great idea, I too started my kids doing laundry around that age. Starting kids doing their laundry in about Jr. High is a great way to teach them how to manage their clothing, not to mention lightening mom’s load of household chores. They quickly learn to plan what they are wearing for the week and to make sure they get it washed and dried before it is needed.

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