Organizing Fall Decorations:

Short on time to redecorate every few weeks during the fall holiday season?  Want to know a shortcut for decorating for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving?Fall decorations

3 Easy Fall Decorating Tips:

  • Use generic fall decorations around the house, then add just a few Halloween touches for October.  In November switch out the Halloween items for a few Thanksgiving specific decorations.  (Easy and quick ideas can be found on the Reduce the Chaos blog post on “Seasonal Decorating“.)

  • When decorating think “Quality, Not Quantity”.  Use a few well chosen decorations rather than a lot of small decorations.  This will make set up and clean up must faster and easier, plus it will keep the home or office space easy to clean up during the fall season.
  • Make storage easier for next year by storing similar items together, and clearly marking the containers.

Reduce the chaos by using these tips will make your life simpler and decrease the amount of seasonal decorations that you will need to store for the fall season, Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays.

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